‘Do It Yourself ‘ became a famous slogan in the music industry and with it, the strange idea that every artist should become a ‘Jack of all Trades’. Most starting artists will find out that it takes years to learn how to release your music albums or promote and book concerts for your band effectively or how to build a network. And usually, this diversion of your time, trying to learn new skillsets that have little to do with creating music or art, comes at a cost. Your first album release may not get the notice it deserves or you are finding your time slipping away while trying to figure out everything behind your computer, while you could have spend that valuable time writing a new song.

Nobody actually -wants- to spend years on learning theses tricks and trades of personal branding, audio and video production skillsets and online marketing for artists, while you could focus on creating and practising your art.

After years of personal experience as an independent artist and musician, we thought it was high time someone was willing to step forward and share their personal trial- and error experiences with new and developing artists.

By offering personal consultations we can help you navigate through the maze of many options out there (some better than others) to get an audience, or to get your music properly published or how to record your first songs, let alone meet ‘The Wall’ of the music industry, that is so far removed from aspiring new artists.

We like to help you, to help yourself grow. Quick and more efficient than the trial and error route, with straightforward advise based on a decade of practical experience in this industry.

I wish I would have had a similar mentor on my journey so many years ago, but I had no clue yet where to go. With this new Artist Consultancy service we hopefully can pass the torch and share what we have learned on the way. From your first recordings to releasing your music worldwide, to gaining a personal following.

Lets have a look at where you are together and let me help you twine the thread of your dreams stronger. Sounds good? Lets chat..

Shoot me a mail at: info@3nornsproductions.com

Kati Rán