3Norns Productions helps artists and performers with personal consultancy and brand marketing services.

Artist Consultancy

Our services can be provided for all different aspects of the developing artist.

We encourage new, emerging artists to bring forward their unique aspects, while also learning what you have in common with your greatest inspirations. We will help lift your product to the next level of quality and exposure. We examine and discuss all aspects of your artistry and advise you how to help yourself grow.

Examples are;

  • Music production consults based on studio experience.
  • Guidance in presstexts, press packaging, coverart and the promotion of your work.
  • Practical tips for printing your (first) merchandise, setting up digital, worldwide distribution, or to help developing your brand.
  • The coaching and psychology behind stage presentation and how to engage with technical live support to help bring your set come alive.
  • Upon request we can also review your socials and help you discover your own target audience and/or increase engagement.

With 3Norns Productions we aim to give solid advice to help you expand your business, based on years of personal experience. We like to provide practical instruction for new artists to engage with online tools and create the best possible chance of succes, provided you create quality art that can meet the ever-changing demands and interest of the industry.


Together and in close coördination with you we may serve as a matchmaker and look at what can be done to find the right business partners within your genre and personally set goals.

As a matchmaker we aim to bring forth new collaborations that feel as a natural progession for you and your new business partners. We can help to initiate first contact with fitting labels or engage in collaborations with complementary artists in a broad creative spectrum like photographers, videographers, personal stylists or graphic designers. We can also help negotiate opening acts for touring bands.

Any matchmaking will aim to create new and inspiring collaborations that benefit all and brings the best out each other.